Blocked Drain Repairs

Jan 29, 2015

Blocked drains is something that everyone will experience, whether it’s in your home, or out on the streets of your neighborhood, it is truly a hassle. There are several types of equipment’s used in blocked drains caused by burst pipes. Most of which are used by companies like Abbey Plumbing. They provide drain cleaning services and will even service burst pipes, however it can be hard to determine whether it’s a burst pipe or blocked drains causing the problem. There are equipment that determine the cause, and other types of equipment that will clear blocked drains. Below are a few examples of commonly used equipment by companies like Abbey Plumbing in Adelaide.

Electric drain machines – They are commonly used for clearing toilets and sewer drains, but can also be used for other situations. The machine uses a rod that will cut through any material inside the drain, resulting in the unclogging of a blocked drain. They typically reach ranges of up to 75 feet and can are run by electric machines.

Hydro jet machines – Hydro jet machines improve the length a drain cleaning machine can reach and is often used in place of electric drain machines when cleaning blocked drains that extend past 75 feet. However, in place of the extended reach, they are less able to remove material within the drains. They are more commonly used for more serious situation involving blocked drains.

Drain cameras – Cameras are often used for situations involving blocked drains and burst pipes when the cause is unknown. In some cases, sending a drain machine down a pipe can be dangerous. Due to this, drain cameras are sent first to retrieve information before using an electric or hydro jet drain machine. Excellent for pinpointing any drain issues and appropriately targeting the location.

These three are the most commonly used equipment for blocked drains and burst pipes, they handle situations including blocked toilets drains, sinks, storm drains, and more. They are generally quite flexible and can be used for both commercial and residential needs. Abbey Plumbing is a company that takes advantage of thesee equipment and provides excellent service within a suitable time frame, at times a burst pipe can incur thousands of dollars in damages every hour. Equipment that can perform quickly can be beneficial. When considering a drain cleaning company, it is important to understand the drain cleaning strategy they use. Abbey plumbing uses state of the art drain cleaning equipment, most of which are the best of the best on the market.