Electric Hot Water

Feb 13, 2015

Though it was once the standard for every Australian home, the electric hot water option may well be on the way out. It's not because it's not a good choice, but more because of the prices that it cost for electric hot water tanks, and installation, plus much more. Since it really doesn't make much sense anymore to use electric hot water, there are many other options that abbeyplumbing.com.au can help you figure out for your home.

Becoming more conscious of learning to reduce the consumption cost of your electric hot water is a good idea, and we are right there to help you out. Not only that, but think of the greenhouse effect and all the gas emissions that are said to be caused by electricity. You could be helping the environment out by switching over to another type of system. Maybe one that is much cleaner to run, and not only that will help to save money along the way. Some options you may want to consider include gas and solar options. They help with your carbon footprint, and will help to cut down on the cost of your bills each and every month!

Both the state and federal governments have been putting together a plan of what systems are the best for the environment. Which ones will help to cut back on the greenhouse problems, as well as be ideal for those people who are having to heat their water? With phasing out the electric hot water, it's expected that it will cut back about 51,000,000, yes that 51 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions during the coming 10 years' time. This would be same as cutting back on the number of cars that are on the road by around one and a half million, during that same time period. This means that each household in Australia will help to cut back on the greenhouse gases each year by about four per cent.

Currently there are already restrictions that have come into place in Southern Australia. If you are unsure if your hot water system is the correct one according to regulations that have been put in place, just call our Abbey plumbing team today. Our professionals will gladly help out and get the right type of cost saving and environmentally friendly water system in place. At Abbey plumbing we handle all kinds of repairs, and that includes sewer pipe repairs. So whatever your plumbing needs are give us a call today.