Gas Hot Water

Gas Hot Water System - Which One Should You Get?


Installation of gas hot water system can prove beneficial to you in many ways.  It really is worth thinking about changing your current hot water system for one of these.


Although you won't notice it at first, but over time your energy bills will start to become less.  This is because you won't be using as much electricity to heat up the water in your home. 


You'll also be doing your bit for the environment as a gas hot water system produces much less greenhouse gas.  In fact compared to a conventional electric system your producing 25 to 33% less greenhouse gases. 


The biggest benefit of all is that a gas hot water system costs a lot less to to install.   So all in all it is a win win situation for you. 


When you do decide to convert to such a system you need to decide whether to go for the storage or instantaneous version.  Both of these systems have certain advantages and disadvantages.   But on average cost around the same to install. 


Both of these hot water gas systems can get installed in the home.  But you need to factor in the cost of having a flue installed to allow gases produced by the system to get vented outside.  


Although you may find that some companies recommend the storage type gets installed outdoors.  If you can have it installed indoors as this will help to prevent heat from dissipating out of the walls of the tank.  Should this happen then this gas hot water system will have to burn gas more often to keep the water inside at the right temperature.


Opt for the instantaneous variety if you only use a small amount of hot water each day.  This is because they will have a maximum output capacity.  Meaning that they can only produce so many litres of hot water per minute.   But they won't ever run out of hot water. 


But to keep providing you with hot water this type of gas hot water system will use more energy.  So you may find that the cost of running such a system is a little higher compared to the storage type. 


This type of gas hot water system is also better if you haven't got much space for installation of one.  Often this variety of system can be wall mounted, whereas the storage one will sit on the floor and is able to hold between 50 or 100 gallons.