Electric Hot Water

Once the standard in Australian homes and still accounting for around a quarter of house hold energy use, electric hot water is on the way out. With the rapid rise in energy prices, it no longer makes sense to use electricity as a water heating option. As we become more conscious of reducing our energy consumption and helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions, electricity is less attractive. Many Australians are turning to cleaner, low emission systems such as gas and solar to help reduce their carbon footprint and relieve pressure on household budgets.

Federal and State Governments have been working together on a plan to phase out hot water systems, which are greenhouse intensive and costly to run. The phase out is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 51 million tonnes over the next 10 years. That's the same as reducing the number of cars on the roads by one and half million over the same period. By reducing our dependence on electric hot water, Australian households can contribute up to four per cent of the country's projected greenhouse gas reduction by 2020.

In South Australia some of the restrictions on the use of electric hot water systems are already in place and will affect class 1 buildings as outlined by the building code of Australia. If you're building a new home or wanting to replace an existing electric hot water system, give us a call at Abbey and we'll help you through the new requirements for the installation of water heaters and what the best option might be for you.

electric hot water


Our Trained Staff Will Give You Up To Date And Accurate Information


Electric Hot Water

With existing houses in South Australia, some restrictions on water heater replacement are based on metropolitan and regional locations, so if you're not sure how this might affect you, let us know and we'll provide you with the latest information and take the confusion and worry out of the process. We can also let you know what incentives - such as Small-scale Technology Certificate (STCs) are available and any rebates for low emission water heaters you may be eligible for.

At Abbey all our staff members have current training in the responsible implementation of and effective transition to low emission domestic hot water systems. Our trained staff will give you up to date and accurate information to ensure your future water heating needs comply with all regulations, leaving you to enjoy your clean hot water.