Gas Hot water


Keeping it Clean


With government regulations limiting the installation of electric hot water systems (HWS) it might be time to consider some cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternatives. With water heating accounting for 25% of household energy use and the standard electric systems producing an average of four tonnes of greenhouse gasses every year, it's little wonder the writing is on the wall for the traditional electric HWS.

If you're electric HWS has had it and needs repairing or replacing, why not take the opportunity to consider your options. Abbey can help you make the right choice when it comes to upgrading to a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient water heating system. We're up to date with the latest news on electric HWS restrictions so if your house is a new detached terrace or town house or you have access to piped natural gas, chances are you won't be allowed to install an electric HWS. For flats, apartments and other homes where gas or solar are not feasible then electric is still possible.

gas hot water


Environmentally Friendly And Low Cost Efficient Systems


gas hot water

If you currently have a working electric HWS and you're aware of the cost and impact it has on the environment, why not explore the alternatives. It would certainly pay to seek advice on the range of environmentally friendly and low cost efficient systems that are available, when the time comes for replacement. At Abbey we can provide you with all the up to date and relevant information to help with your choice on the best water heating solutions for the future.

There are many compelling reasons to make the change from an electric HWS to a cleaner more efficient and low cost energy source such as gas. Apart from the current restrictions, electricity is becoming more expensive, produces more emissions and is greenhouse gas intensive. Lower emission water heating technologies like continuous or instantaneous gas systems that are properly installed will operate more efficiently, help you to contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and save you money on energy bills.

If you're serious about helping the environment and using clean energy sources like gas to heat your water, contact our team at Abbey. We'll provide you with all the information you need to help choose the best, clean, efficient gas water heating system for your home. You'll feel warm all over knowing you're helping the environment and reducing your energy bills at the same time.