When you're in the shower on a cold winters morning, warmly pondering the day ahead, it's comforting to know the soothing instant hot water cascading over your body isn't going to suddenly turn freezing cold. Most instant hot water operates on a tank system that fills with water which is then heated. As the water level drops, cold water enters the system to keep the tank topped up. In a busy household where instant hot water demands are high, the water in the tank can't reheat fast enough leaving the poor individual last into the shower, out in the cold.

If you've had enough of chilling morning surprises then give us a call at Abbey and we'll set you up with a great alternative to your current instant hot water tank system. Continuous flow through, instant hot water systems are becoming very popular with those who like the idea of instant hot water on demand. As well as being smaller, the units give you a constant supply of instant hot water and the temperature can be easily regulated. The water is only heated when the tap is turned on and the water is flowing. As the water flows through the system it's heated by gas or electricity depending on the model and when the water is turned off, the system stops heating, saving energy, money and time. When helping you choose the right instant hot water system, we consider the size of your house, your instant hot water demands and your primary energy supply.



Instant Hot Water System


Instant Hot Water

The advantages of using a tankless, instantaneous hot water system are many. They take up less space than a convention tank and provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water. They can operate in small places on either gas or electricity and can be installed externally or internally. If they are installed internally at the point of use, the water temperature can easily be regulated. By being able to regulate the temperature you will save on energy bills and won't have to waste water trying to control the heat with the cold water supply.

The instant hot water option is great for small homes and flats and multiple units can be fitted to larger homes and offices. If you'd like to explore this reliable hot water option then give us a call at Abbey. We have all the information on all the latest brands and can have you switched on instantly.