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Solar Hot Water

There are so many water heating options available that can help save the natural resources of our planet, minimise energy use and cut costs. Given that 25% of energy consumption in the average home is spent on heating water and 50% of that is used in the bathroom, energy efficient water heating should be very high on your list of priorities. If you're looking for a more efficient, cleaner hot water heating option that will save on your energy bills, talk to us at Abbey for all the latest information on solar hot water.

Solar hot water systems are fantastic, efficient water heaters that harness the natural power of the sun, giving you an endless source of low cost energy. Solar hot water will supply around 80% of your needs, reducing your carbon footprint and considerably cutting your water heating costs. At Abbey, our expert team are totally up to date with all the latest solar heating technology and can also help you with information on any state and federal government rebates and incentives that might be available.


Solar Hot Water Systems


There are two major solar hot water systems we can offer at Abbey, enabling us to choose which one would be best for your situation. If ground space is not a problem around your home then a ground mounted split system might be the way to go. Roof mounted collectors, heat the water and feeds down to a ground mounted tank. This system retains the aesthetic integrity of your roof and allows more flexibility of installation. The thermosiphon roof mounted system couples the tank and collector together and are mounted on the roof. This system is ideal for those with limited ground space around the home. The thermosiphon uses natural thermal convection that circulates and heats the water around the collectors and stores it in the tank.

If you're thinking about solar hot water heating as a serious option to your current system, call us at Abbey and we'll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you decide solar is the way to go, we can have our expert team visit you to choose the right system for your property and install it to the highest standards. Once the unit is operational, you'll be enjoying the benefits of clean and natural, cheap hot water well into the future.