Burst Pipes


No Leaks No Worries


Burst water pipes can be a major problem and the water damage that can come with a burst pipe can be devastating and cost thousands of dollars, especially if you're not insured. Most leaks or bursts are usually small but can still cause quite a bit of panic. So if you give us a call at Abbey we can get onto it right away, minimising any potential damage and take away the stress.

Trying to fix the problem yourself might work temporarily but the problem behind the leak or burst may still remain, increasing the risk of a major crisis later on. If you're away on holiday when a pipe bursts, the level of damage, depending on the pipes location could be simply heartbreaking. So to avoid any horrible surprises it always pays to get any leaks or bursts assessed and fixed by one of our professionals.





Leaking and burst pipes


Leaking and burst pipes can be caused by a number of things from faulty or old materials, poor quality fittings, high water pressure or a combination of all. In terms of prevention it's a good idea to check your water pressure and keep an eye out for any changes in your water consumption. If you think your water pressure maybe too high, call your water provider or consult one of our qualified staff at Abbey. If you notice any unusual increases in your water usage then it's possible you may have a leak, so it's important to let us know early and we can check it out before it turns into something much worse.


If you're at home when there is a burst pipe or leak the first thing you should do is turn the water off at the main supply which is generally the meter. If you have a water supply other than mains, shut off the relevant supply to the house and give us a call. We'll send one of our experienced plumbers over to take a thorough look and get right to the bottom of the cause. We'll make an in depth assessment of the possible causes and fix them properly so more problems don't arise in the future.

At Abbey we've seen the damage and heart ache that a major leak or burst pipe can cause. It makes us feel better if we can get onto any problems early so you don't have to go through the worry.