Dishwasher instalations


More Than Just a Dishwasher


If you're planning on installing a dishwasher then you'll want to make sure it's installed professionally. At Abbey, our team of qualified and experienced professionals will take the worry out of the installation of a new dishwasher or relocation of an existing machine anywhere in the home. You won't have to worry about a thing, just sit back and relax while we do what we do best - A perfect job, stress free.

Our professional plumbers will give you a top quality full service that will include all the pipes, taps and drainage requirements needed to install your dishwasher. If you're building or renovating then we can work effortlessly and efficiently with other trades people, such as cabinet makers and electricians to get the job done to the highest level of expertise.



Best Service and Experience Team



Experience and service are important to us and no job is too large or too small. We bring years of knowledge and skill to each task and come fully prepared for any situation. Making something that might seem difficult look easy is our speciality. Our service is second to none and we will get the exact fit of the plumbing required, for a perfect fault free installation that will have your dishwasher running smoothly for many years into the future.

When our experienced team at Abbey take on a job they not only consider the initial installation requirements, they go much further. Our highly trained plumbers take pride and care in what they do and when they've finished, they want to make sure there will be no problems or accidents down the track. With inferior work, faults and accidents are likely to occur as time goes on. Accident prevention is built into the work of all our dishwasher installations and because we know what can go wrong, we spend time on prevention management to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

At Abbey, we believe if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly, so we are dedicated to achieving the best results possible and commit to the service and quality that will see your dishwasher perform like it should for years and years to come. You'll feel comfort in knowing we have thought of everything and given it our all and we take pride in knowing all our customers are happy with the work we're trained to do.