The Hub of the Home


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Kitchens are the nerve centre of any home so they need to be inviting, functional and versatile. If you're building a new kitchen, renovating your old one or just interested in an upgrade of the basics, Abbey plumbing Adelaide is here to help. Kitchens are all about plumbing and if the hub of your home isn't performing the way it should, our professional team can do it no matter how large or small the job. Our fast efficient service will get you fully operational in no time, with no fuss and no mess, just quality results that last.

If you're building a new kitchen, our professional and experienced team at Abbey will work effortlessly with other trades people to ensure the best results. We'll asses the plumbing needs of your kitchen design and install all your pipes, drains and any gas connections that may be required.


We Offer Full Kitchen Service


Once the kitchen is installed we'll connect all the appliances and fixtures from kitchen sinks, taps, Spray guns, waste disposal, dishwashers, gas stoves and cook tops. At Abbey we offer a full kitchen service that's guaranteed to run like a dream and take the hard out of hard work.

Kitchens don't last for ever - they see a lot of traffic and perform complex functions where safety and hygiene is a must. If your kitchen is no longer up to its best, is becoming hard work and doesn't match the requirements of a busy family life, a kitchen renovation could be just the thing. If fixtures need to be moved around to make the space more efficient, our team have the right experience to make that happen. We know how kitchens work and how they function best. Any piping, drainage, gas fittings and fixtures that have to be moved will be fully assessed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency without compromising the design integrity.

leak under kitchen sink

We're also very aware that kitchens often just need some good quality maintenance to keep them in top nick and working like they should. If your taps aren't what they used to be or you're looking for a stylish upgrade, we have quality taps and fittings perfect for any situation. If you're having persistent problems with leaks and blockages, our trained professionals will locate the problem and repair it so they don't reoccur.

Abbey kitchen plumbing performs just the way you want.