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There is no greater time saver than the modern laundry. It frees us up and lets us get on with our busy lives and makes sure our clothes are clean and smelling fresh when we need them. Life without a laundry would be unimaginable, so having one that does a great job is a great investment. In Adelaide, Abbey Pluming Services will take care of all your laundry needs from maintenance, installation and upgrades. From small but practical laundries to large busy laundries, we can service the lot.

We provide a full laundry plumbing service that covers installation, repairs and ongoing maintenance. If you need new washers, dryers, sinks, tubs, taps, pipes or drains then we have it covered. When you're having problems with leaks and blockages or need pipes, hoses or taps repaired or replaced then our trained and experienced professionals will use the latest technology and highest quality parts to ensure the problems are fixed.



Domestic & Commercial Service


domenstic & commercial service

We're fully aware that when there's an emergency in the laundry, a quick response can be crucial. Our team at Abbey are ready for prompt around the clock call out, for all domestic and commercial repairs and service. We know time is money so we're not in the business of wasting either. We carry all parts and equipment necessary for all situations, so no time is wasted sourcing suppliers. An emergency is an emergency and we get that.

Blocked drains and leaks are often the most common problems we see in laundries and if left unchecked can cause a great deal of damage to flooring and can create potentially dangerous situations. Checking pipes for leaks and keeping drains free from debris by using strainers, can really help prevent mishaps. When something does go wrong give us a call and we'll send out one of our experienced team to assess the problem and fix it before it gets worse. If there's a major crisis, we'll be there in a flash to get it under control and minimise any major damage and associated expense.

Life is hectic enough and the last thing you need is a laundry that's out of order. Apart from being frustrating and annoying, it can cost you precious time and money as well as cause worry and anxiety. We know how important the laundry is to a busy household or business so we like to act quickly.