Leaking Taps


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Leaking taps are very annoying, waste precious water, cost you money and can be a sign of worse things to come. It may be as simple as replacing a washer or it could be a problem with the tap. Taps get a lot use and have to withstand constant water pressure, so it makes sense they will need a good overhaul or replacement from time to time to keep them drip free and operating smoothly. When you use something often, you want it to work properly and the best way to guarantee this is to have it maintained by professionals.

Our experienced and qualified plumbers at Abbey do more than just replace washers they look at the whole system to make sure that when we fix a leaking tap, it stays fixed. The problem could be as simple as a faulty O ring or fibre washer or the causes could be deeper such as higher than average water pressure and old or poor quality tap ware. By getting a better picture of the source of the problem we can make a more informed decision on the best way to repair it, so it lasts.


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Living in a water conscious world, it can be worrying to see taps dripping, so it's important to fix the problem straight away. Small drips and leaks can lead to bigger ones later on, be a terrible waste and add substantially to your water bill. Leaky taps gone unnoticed or unattended can also cause major damage to woodwork, plaster work and carpets and can be extremely hazardous if around electrical wiring. If this sort of damage occurs, the costs can run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars or possibly put your family at risk.

At Abbey we keep up to date with the latest in tap ware and mixer taps and the full range of designs that are available to suit all your needs. We're dedicated to and support smart water usage and keep in touch with the latest water saving initiatives. Water is a large part of our business and helping you save it and your money is something we care about.

If you have problems with leaking taps or taps that just aren't working the way they should, let us know. We can take a look, get everything working properly and save you long term.