Pipe repairs


Not Just a Pipe Dream when you think about in-ground pipe repairs or replacement you probably picture a large messy job and lots of digging. Digging trenches to lay new pipes or repair existing ones can be expensive, time consuming and inconvenient but it doesn't have to be anymore. Advances in underground pipe refurbishing technology have grown over the last few years and now it's possible to give your pipes a new lease on life without the hassle of a major disruption.

pipe repairs

If your sewerage and drainage pipes are approaching the end of their life, then rather than replacing them you can now have them relined in a fast and cost effective way. The relining technology creates a new pipe within the old existing pipe, eliminating the need for replacement.


The benefits of pipe relining


The benefits of pipe relining or patching are huge when you consider the alternative of digging up the old pipes, taking them out, paying for new pipes and having them placed in the ground. You'll save time and money on excavation, pipes and the cost of having them laid. If the pipes are beneath pavements or driveways, then this involves the added time and cost of removing concrete and having it poured again.

If you've developed a beautiful and well-loved garden over many years then the last thing you'll want is to have it uprooted and damaged by heavy equipment, especially if you have some old and irreplaceable trees. By having your pipes relined you won't have to worry about the aftermath of damage and clean up that can occur from leakage and contamination. The relining technology has low environmental impact and the materials used will have little effect on the soil and the plant life in the area.


Simple and Fast


The system for relining your pipes is simple and fast with minimal intrusion. First the pipes are assessed by an experienced and qualified specialist who will use camera and video technology to check the state of the pipe's interior. Once the damaged areas have been located, the pipes can be pressure cleaned of any deposits on the pipes interior and are then ready for the relining process to begin.


If you have a problem with your in-ground sewerage or drainage pipes then consider relining. It will take the worry, time, cost and hassle out of what used to be a big messy job and let you get on with the business of living.