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Just Like New


When your toilet gets blocked or needs repairing, it's usually urgent. Unblocking or fixing a broken toilet isn't really something you can or should do yourself so it definitely pays to call in a professional with experience in Toilet repairs. Abbey employs qualified professional trades people with a vast knowledge and experience in toilet service and repairs. In a state of emergency, Abbey can be there in the nick of time to get your toilet up and working like new.

At Abbey, we provide a range of services covering all your toilet needs including new installation or replacement, general toilet maintenance and repairs, dealing with blockages and help in finding the latest in luxury high tech toilets on the market. We know everything there is to know about toilets so whatever your needs, we can provide the best solution.



Using Latest Technology To Locate Blockages


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A toilet blockage or leak can be inconvenient, messy and can cause damage. Constantly running water and cisterns that don't fill properly can be annoying and cost you money so it's important that your toilet is in tip top condition. Highly trained Abbey trades people use the latest technology to locate blockages, assess the extent of the obstruction and select the best method of clearing toilets quickly, easily and cleanly.

Toilet leaks are quite common and in many cases are relatively minor but a small leak can and often does turn into a big one. Leaks can cause major damage to flooring and waste valuable water, which will end up costing you money. If you have a small persistent leak, it could be a sign of a worsening problem and should be dealt with professionally and without delay.


Comprehensive Service and Quality Work


At Abbey we stock only the best parts to ensure your toilet works as it should and for a long time. We don't believe in a quick fix without making sure there are no further problems. It's this dedication to comprehensive service and quality of work that puts Abbey a cut above the rest.

If you have a problem with your toilet, whether it's big or small, give us a call at Abbey and we'll send one of our experienced team straight over to make a thorough and expert assessment. Once they've located the source of the fault they'll take the appropriate action to make sure your toilet is working just like new and most importantly, keeps working just like new.

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